Friday, May 13, 2011


Miles will be "sharing" his room with his baby sister.

I hate that I have to put quotation marks on it.
Miles never made it to this room. But it was his. It was ready for him.
And we didn't change anything about it after he died. It was still his. I sit in there and cry sometimes, but it isn't the room that makes me cry; I could cry anywhere.

Miles is still in our hearts, and it is still his space. We still have plenty of space for him.
And now, we've just added some pink. Just like any big brother, he's passing down his hand-me-downs. It's not in the way I would have wanted or would have dreamed of, but I'm doing the best I can now as I love both of these little ones so much.

And I added this to the shelf...

We've got a picture of Miles and a picture of our baby girl.
Because just like in our hearts, Miles and the baby girl on the way share this room.

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  1. I love that you have a picture of both of your babies together on the shelf in the nursery! I also have a picture of Lily that we'll probably keep in the nursery. Thinking of you & sending love ((hugs))