Thursday, May 26, 2011

A bigger tshirt (and a timeline of pregnancy photos)

I finally broke down yesterday and bought an XL tshirt from Target. I was trying to hold out and not spend money on maternity clothes--my strategy is to wear borrowed maternity clothes or the maternity dresses my mom has sewn for me (yes, I'm spoiled in that way) or carefully-chosen normal clothes from my closet (yes, just practically bust out of's attractive).  Even Mitch's tshirts are now too tight on my belly so it was time. Hopefully this baby girl is getting bigger...I definitely am.

I haven't taken many photos during this pregnancy. As I've mentioned, I avoid photos in general now because I don't like to see myself frozen in time; somehow that makes the pain worse because it makes it so that I see the pain as well as feeling it. It's just impossible for me to look at a photo of myself and not think, "Miles should be there with me." Still, I do have a few prego photos to put in baby girl's baby book (mostly I've just had to crop other people out of the few random photos I have). I bought a special baby book just for her. It's big; it's notebook-sized so that it's identical to the one I had to take to the bookbinder for our encyclopedia-of-Miles. I don't want her to feel like mommy skimped on her baby book!

Anyway, I'll have to handle my issue with taking photos, I promise myself, once baby girl is here. Just like Miles was able to do, she'll turn her daddy and me into photographers, I know.

In the meantime, here's my timeline of pregnancy photos right up to today's shot in my new Target tshirt.

34 weeks to go (yes, we're dressed for golfing)...

24 weeks to go (my pregnancy was still top secret)...

17 weeks to go...

10 weeks to go (I used to think scarves hid my baby bump)...

6 weeks to go...

Bigger and bigger. Bigger on the outside and bigger on the inside...making room in my heart for another little love of my life. Yes, I love this little one so much. I'm looking forward to her joining our family--Mitch, me, Miles, and baby girl.


  1. So you are already one of the cutest women I know, and know you are definitely the cutest preggo that I know!! You look adorable, Target XL and all! I am still holding out with my out of season/date/style 5 year old maternity clothes! HA I am so excited about her arrival!!!! SO not long, now!

  2. Awe, you're pictures are adorable and I have to agree with Cyndy you are an incredibly cute pregnant woman!! So excited for you and this precious baby girls arrival!