Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Does dusting the ceiling fan count as nesting?

Yes, I would have to say. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to randomly dust the ceiling fan and even dust our one house plant today (who knew that dust settled on plant leaves?). This nest is ready.

Mitch calls me from work every couple of hours to see how I'm doing, hoping constantly that I'll say that I'm in labor. And he repeatedly reminds me of how to get in touch with him--which is especially endearing because 1. I have his cell phone number, 2. he wears a pager that I have the number for, 3. I know the hospital phone number for where he is working, and MOST OF ALL 4. he is currently working as the resident delivering babies exactly where I'll go to deliver our baby! I will find him, I assure him.

To say the least, we are eager for our sweet girl to get here. Nine months of waiting...yet these last few days (6 days to go!) feel especially slow. I'm ready for life to change again. I'm ready for our family to grow by one again. I'm ready to love another little one just as we love Miles.

As natural as it may be to have a second child, for us it has taken so much love, courage, and hope to get to this point. And every day begins with the thought, "This could be the day she gets here. This could be the day that we have one more to love, with our Miles in heaven and our baby girl in our arms..."


  1. Getting so excited for your little miracle to arrive safe and healthy in your arms! Hugs!

  2. YAY.... how fun he is delivering babies right now!!! What a neat experience to tell her one day, "Your daddy brought you into this world in more than one way!" HA Even though I'm not calling every couple of hours, I think I am as excitedly watching the phone as well! Love all FOUR of you!