Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Elliott Rhea Mitchell is here!

And she's HOME!

Elliott Rhea arrived in the world on Sunday, July 10 at 3:22 pm. She kept us waiting for six days after her due date, but once she decided it was time she really got moving to make her debut. My mom and I made it to the hospital at 1:55 pm...where Mitch was waiting. He was already at work delivering babies (thus the scrubs in the photos)...and I was very happy to see him there, helping me for that last intense, INTENSE hour and a half. I was 9 cm dilated when they checked me at the hospital (same as for Miles). Everything went according to the birth anything to help the baby, no drugs, no mirrors, Mitch and my mom on the birth team, Dr. Page delivering the baby, breastfeeding right away. One major thing was a bit different than need to go into major details here, but I absolutely refused to sit down so we had to be more creative with laboring and delivering positions. To show how humorous he found my sudden all-natural-granola-ness with how I wanted to deliver Elliott, Mitch asked between contractions, "Do you want me to light some incense too, hippie?" He claims that all kinds of jokes are allowed so long as they are made between contractions. A few more contractions and...

I could HEAR her crying!  I could SEE her as they handed her to me.  I could HOLD her.

I just have so much joy in my heart.  Elliott is immediately a joy of my life just as Miles is.

She's here and she's ours.

Every moment is full of so much joy--both filling my heart with our girl and remembering our boy.  I miss Miles more than ever. As before, I think of him constantly. And now I think of Elliott as well. Elliott is in our arms and, quite simply, Miles is here with us too in everything.

Oh, how much our two children share on the days of their births. (Thank you, thank you to Hudson's mama for sharing the idea of having a baby picture of Miles ready at the hospital for Elliott's birth.) "Well, that is definitely Miles' little sister," a friend commented immediately. Yes. Yes, it is. Their tiny little chins, the shape of their faces, the color of their hair and eyes, the little noses--a connection right there plain as day. And she is totally herself. They have unique facial expressions, that's for sure. Elliott's mad face is quite different, I can see already. But their calm faces, the ones on their precious, perfect sleeping faces are strikingly similar. It takes my breath away.

Much, much more to say, but this was at least a start to say, "Welcome to the world, Elliott!"


  1. Just beautiful! Everything is.... Elliott, YOU, your birth story! I can't wait to talk! Tell Mitch he better be glad you have such a sweet heart. I remember telling Andrew to stop making me laugh during one of our labors b/c it hurt to laugh! ha Of course that made us all laugh even more. Maybe Miss Elliott was waiting for Christy! ha

  2. Such beautiful babies. He and his sister do look so much alike. So happy for you guys!

  3. Wow, that resemblance is uncanny. So glad things went well, she is healthy and home! Congrats!

  4. So incredibly happy for you guys!!! Enjoy that precious little girl, hope you continue to feel the joy & love that this little girl has brought to your life! Congratulations!!!

  5. How amazing! She's beautiful! She does look a lot like Miles. When I had Emily, I didn't see Addison in her and it made me a little sad. But as time goes on I see features that remind me of Addison and having her in my arms.
    Congrats and enjoy your little girl!