Saturday, September 24, 2011

Elliott is (now over) two months old!

Each month, we took Miles' photo with his courage lion. As you can see, we love these photos and a couple of them are around on this blog. It was easy to pick the perfect animal for Miles, but I'm having a harder time figuring out which one to photograph Elliott with.
For Elliott, I couldn't decide whether to take her photo with her stuffed bunny (Hops), giraffe (currently nameless), or lamb (Lambie). Clearly impossible, right? Crazy how I made actual difficult decisions for Miles and then here I am spending time making insignificant ones for's a gift to do so actually. Truly. So I took her one month and two month photos with each animal to make up for my ridiculous indecisiveness on this...and to put off the decision until later. After this photo, though, I'm going to have to say that it looks like Hops might be the winner!

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