Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Being here and there

A friend took this picture of Elliott and me last week:

I love it. My heart just smiles with this picture as I live in the now, the reality of my life. Yet there is so much more than this photo can show. But this picture does show my happiness of having this little screamer, this little one who does everything to the extreme--eat, play, cry, you name it, she gets after it when it's time. I'm right here with her.

And I also go back to this one of Miles and me:

I love it. My seconds, minutes, hours, days, months were filled with standing by Miles' bedside. There's so much to say. But most of all, I was happy because I was with him.

So I'm here and there.
It's me, I can see. And I can see that it takes both photos for my heart to completely fill up with the happiness it can hold.


  1. Those pictures both exude so much love. You are such an awesome Momma to both of your babies. Glad to hear you are cherishing the moments with your little girl. Sending love and thoughts your way!

  2. Just beautiful.... they should both be framed and sitting next to each other!

  3. Such exquisite photos, both. Such a beautiful mama and such beautiful babies. I so wish they were here for a photo together. xoxo