Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Smile

Oh, the time warp.
It has been a whole year since the day that Miles first smiled. That's four seasons ago, 365 days ago, more than a lifetime on his time scale. Yet just a year ago he was here. Miles was here with us just a year ago.
Regardless of time, it's painful that he's gone. And it's joyful to see our sweet baby boy on the day he started smiling...

Subtitles, if needed: "Miles loves his new chair!" is what I say amid all of the laughter.
The laughter sounds good to me, in a bitter-sweet kind of way.  It makes me happy that, despite the stress of the PICU and the beeping of the machines, we were enjoying all of these joyful moments with Miles.

1 comment:

  1. this post gives me chills. i love that you were able to surround your sweet miles with joy amid all the chaos of the hospital. it is the greatest regret in my life that my daughter was never met with joy, just worry and sorrow and fear. You are an amazing momma to be able to bring such happiness to miles' face. i am so proud of you for starting your blog.